WINOV8 specializes in “enabling small businesses to be competitive on the Internet”.

Garry WingreenCEO Garry Wingreen has wide-ranging management experience and extensive technical skills. developed since commencing his Information Technology career in 1979. He is proficient in many commerce and IT fields. having gained considerable experience in Human Resources. been engaged in a number of IT Management ventures and worked as a team member in development environments. Garry has extensive experience in the management of information technology issues and projects.

He is able to consistently meet client expectations through a broad range of skills and expertise gained. during his 28 years in information technology. He has managed major projects of considerable value. both locally and internationally. in industries including Manufacturing. Emergency Services and Banking and Finance

Winov8 website and design provides end-to-end IT services for SME´s delivering total life cycle solutions in hardware, collaborative planning and work flow information systems.

We provide an application so that you can create, build and update your website ONLINE.
We provide you with services such as building the contents of your website – that is if you don’t want to do it yourself.
We arrange for your artwork to be done for you by our professional photographer and graphic artist.
We will register your domain.
In other words: we will create and build a standard website (Just like this one) for you – costs start $50 per month depending on advanced options with a set-up fee of $150 (basic) -$500 (includes graphic art work and Template Design) and includes web hosting, unlimited emails, ability to update your own site.
You may choose to do any of the above to save yourself some money – otherwise we can do it all for you