About Us

Garry has wide-ranging management experience and extensive technical skills. developed since commencing his Information Technology career in 1979. He is proficient in many commerce and IT fields. having gained considerable experience in Human Resources. been engaged in a number of IT Management ventures and worked as a team member in development environments. Garry has extensive experience in the management of information technology issues and projects. He is able to consistently meet client expectations through a broad range of skills and expertise gained. during his 28 years in information technology. He has managed major projects of considerable value. both locally and internationally


Expertise and services

Director Garry Wingreen

  • Systems Integration Services
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Technology Management Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Implementation
  • Training and Maintenance Services
  • Site Care Services


  • E-Business applications
  • Web-enabled applications
  • Internet, Intranet solutions
  • Data warehousing applications
  • Information Management solutions
  • eCommerce chats with COCB Students
  • MS-SQL Server Scripting