Software Development

Software Development – Prototyping

WINOV8 uses the most efficient form of development with the least cost to you the user.

What is Software Prototyping? It is the framework of activities during the development of creating prototypes, i.e., incomplete versions of the software program being developed in a phased approach together with the customer to ensure the best result is achieved at the least cost.

Basic principles of prototyping are:

  • Not a standalone, complete development methodology, but rather an approach to handling selected portions of a larger, more traditional development methodology.
  • Attempts to reduce inherent project risk by breaking a project into smaller segments and providing more ease-of-change during the development process.
  • User is involved throughout the process, which increases the likelihood of user acceptance of the final implementation.
  • Small-scale mock-ups of the system are developed following an iterative modification process until the prototype evolves to meet the users’ requirements.
  • While most prototypes are developed with the expectation that they will be discarded, it is possible in some cases to evolve from prototype to working system.
  • A basic understanding of the fundamental business problem is necessary to avoid solving the wrong problem.

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