Data Base Design and Management

Database design for small enterprises is essential in any business so you have the information you need, quickly, when you need it.

Winov8 is a leader in the set up and management of databases for small and medium size business entities

You only need to supply the information you use often and then we design the database to extract it, based on the parameters set.

Generally, in small business, you will need to provide the customer fields as well as separate entries for product information.

These systems must integrate across the database as well, to make finding the information you need easy and accurate.

Winov8´s Database design uses complex formulas to pull the information out of the cells, as you need it but then makes it simple to use and operate.

Database design on any level is intricate.

Leave it to the Winov8 professionals who work with general database design to come up with the best software for your company, that does what you need it to do without duplication or worthless information.

If your business has unique programs specific to your business then a general database program may not work with company-specific information that only your company needs, such as commission structure. Wionov8 will work with your management team to design database programs specific to your company and within your budget and time frame.